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My second hand slid down, from Seryogina's shoulder-blade along the thin back to the waist of the shorts and further, without stopping, along the hot fabric that. Lily lily love hot hot around the desired hemisphere. There was no room for a hand - my hips pressed into the guy's ass with force - and the palm passed along the lateral surface of the buttock, right along the fossa that appears when the muscles are straining. I ran my hand up and down, melting at the sensation of this fossa, and dropped my hand even lower, on a thin hard thigh. Fingers touched bare skin, feeling a tiny tremor underneath. I again kissed the back of Sergei's head, tormented by the fact that both my palms froze very close to the boy's penis. I was anticipating, feeling almost physically how I would grab this penis, how I would squeeze and squeeze it.

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