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When an animal appears on their guns. - Where will the meeting be. - In the cafe for a start. I'll throw you a screen on soap - read it womens painted toenails, what the conversation was, - Max laughs muffled. - Can you print.

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My beloved boy, I can't find a place for myself without your letters, you know that your story is not far. From the truth, that is, the dog really licked me, in the summer they gave us a German shepherd for two weeks, I was already n years old, holidays, parents go to work in the morning, and I am with this monster (he is almost to my waist), at this age you are already torn with desire, even to the end of the unconscious, the more the brother has already instilled the need to touch the dick, he himself was at the dacha, in short I am sitting on the couch next to Lord, his tongue was thrown out from the heat, he rolled his face towards me, scratched my face with one hand, stroked my back with the other, then on the sides and on my tummy, womens painted toenails her right into a shiver from memories, did not linger on my stomach and dick in my palm gently took it and began to jerk off carefully. He somehow froze, but he even leaned forward, I feel something wet from his prick, I cant see it myself, but he twitched womens painted toenails hard and began to step over with. His paws, looking for a comfortable position, I threw his ears, and for the pussy, did I jerk off two, and he began to poke his muzzle in the same place, he was so thrilled that he rushed to grabbed his thighs, arched an arc and as he began to fuck my leg, she was just a beast, she was frightened, no fucking was needed, she wanted to throw him off, but he growled and I just earned more furiously, leaned back almost crying, as if in a grip, they formally raped, well, finally doused this parasite on my leg, calmed down, and began to lick me between my legs, I calmed down so much, pulled off my panties and got such a thrill when he got tiredI took sour cream and smeared my pie for him, he so ate all the sour cream, and so I jerked him off that he strove to jump with his paws on his chest and the red penis was already peeping out, with the parents there was shame. Mom Lordic, Lordic, ugh, you can't. I tell her let him play, but she does not need to play like that, she will scratch, and she can bite. Sorry for not writing, I will be absent for n days more, your letters shake everything and, without finishing reading, I finish.

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